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St Mary’s Cathedral

Cagliari Cathedral, St Mary’s Cathedral, or, also known as the Cathedral of Cagliari, is situated in Piazza Palazzo and is an important monument characterized by different architectural styles.
The initial Romanesque style wanted by the Pisani has been replaced by the Baroque style, and finally by the Neo-Romanesque style that dominates the present facade.
Inside the Cathedral of Cagliari it is possible to admire a Black Madonna of 1300 carved in a golden wood, two pulpits of Master William of Innsbruck, the altarpiece of the Annunciation attributed to Michele Cavaro, the famous Triptych of Clement VII attributed to the famous Flemish painter Van der Weyden (middle part) and to his pupil Hans Memling (side parts).
Of historical and architectural interest is also the Martyrs’ Shrine, considered a work “of incomparable beauty for the delicate work of chisel, for the extraordinary abundance of marble, for the remarkable variety of roses, for the many niches containing the relics of the Holy Martyrs”.
Text taken from (M. Delogu, Il Duomo di Cagliari, Fossataro, Cagliari, 1966, p. 107).