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Basilica of Bonaria

An important church to be visited is the Sanctuary & Basilica of Bonaria, located on a hill where in 1324 King Alfonso of Aragon ordered the army to wait in order to attack and conquer the Castle of Cagliari.
The Sanctuary is the first example of Gothic-Catalan architecture, while the outlying Basilica is a more recent work, which was completed only in 1926.
The sanctuary hosts the 15th-16th century image of Madonna of Bonaria, made with carob wood and that, according to the legend, was found in a heavy case taken from Spain by ship and that can be still admired inside the Sanctuary.
The case was thrown to the sea by the sailors during a storm that calmed down soon, and this was the first miracle of the Madonna, who has become the protector of both sailors and conquerors.
Buones Aires took its name from the Madonna of Bonaria, whose miracles had multiplied according to the legends and beliefs.