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Tour in Cagliari and holiday guide

Cagliari is situated at about 35 Km from Santa Margherita di Pula and is one of the tour destinations that you can require to the staff of Mare Pineta.
Cagliari, formerly Karalis , is a tourist town that has many monuments, churches, museums and attractions and is perfect for a day trip.
The history of Cagliari began in ancient Neolithic and continued in the Nuragic era, but the most visible traces in the city can be attributed to the Phoenician-Punic period: in fact it has the largest necropolis in Europe consisting of more than 1400 rock-cut tombs.
To the subsequent Roman period can be attributed other sites of interest, among which the most important is the Roman Amphitheatre, a place used to host battles between gladiators and animals, and that could hold up to 10,000 spectators.
Another monument that dates back to the Roman era in Cagliari is the so called Villa Tigellio which is located in the homonymous street.
The most interesting monuments of the Judicial, Pisano and Genovese periods are: the Tower of St. Pancrazio, the Tower of the Elephant, the palaces and the Cathedral in the Castle District, the ancient district of Cagliari.
The most interesting museums of Cagliari to visit are located inside the Citadel of Museums, in Piazza Arsenale, at the gates of the Castle. The Archaeological Museum collects the majority of findings of the history of Cagliari and Sardinia. Among these, the stele of Nora and the horrid grinning Punic mask deserve to be mentioned.
Inside the Citadel of Museums there is also the National Gallery of Cagliari which collects over 1200 works (paintings, pottery, jewellery, weapons, home decor). The area dedicated to paintings is the most interesting as it collects altarpieces and paintings of some of the most important painters grown up in Sardinia.
In the Public Gardens, at the foot of the entrance to the Castle district Villanova, there is the Public Art Gallery in Largo Giuseppe Dessi, which is worth a visit in order to know some Sardinian artists (sculptors and painters in particular) that spread Sardinian art abroad. Among these Maria Lai, Costantino Nivola, Delitalia, Francesco Ciusa e many others.

Basilica of Bonaria

The first example of the Catalan-Gothic era in Sardinia, a Sanctuary and a Basilica full of legends dedicated to the Madonna.

Basilica of Bonaria Hotel Mare Pineta

Botanical Garden

5 hectares of green between Roman tanks and Punic findings, an immense variety of botanical species in the heart of Cagliari

Botanical Garden Hotel Mare Pineta

Palazzo Viceregio

Piazza Palazzo situated in the Castle of Cagliari is the heart of the old town, with the Palazzo Viceregio, the Ancient Town Hall and the Cathedral.

Palazzo Viceregio Hotel Mare Pineta

San Saturnino

The most fascinating monument of the city of the early Christian era and dedicated to the Martyr of Cagliari

San Saturnino Hotel Mare Pineta