Hotel Mare e Pineta Sardegna

Tour Archaeological Sardinia

If you want to book a tour of Archaeological Sardinia, Hotel Mare Pineta is at your disposal to suggest you an archaeological itinerary to discover the numerous archaeological sites of the island.
The tour is organized by an external company qualified in tours and excursions, with official tourist guides able to explain the history and characteristics of the visited sites.
The archaeological findings in Sardinia are numerous and give you the possibility to go through the different eras whose civilizations have left their mark in Sardinia.
The main monuments of the early nuragic era in Sardinia can be found in the Domus De Janas, Tombs of the Giants and Dolmens, the megalithic burials of the early era of the nuraghi.
The 7000 nuraghi disseminated in Sardinia are the main findings of this fascinating civilization.
The tour gives you the possibility to visit the nuraghi of Barumini, the largest nuragic complex in good condition with an interactive museum. The nuragic complex of Genna Maria and the sacred area of Santa Vittoria di Serri are some of the most important sites to be visited.